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From creating textures to selecting sound effects and planning the user journey, designing for virtual reality is lots of fun. It has required a different approach to problem solving, and captivating user interest is a lot more tricky- there's so much going on. A few specific projects I’ve worked on include Long Shot, a simple archery simulation, and The Wizard’s Path, a wizard training game in which the user learns to cast spells, solve puzzles, and navigate a castle environment. 

• Guiding user focus

• Preventing motion sickness

• Texture & lighting realism

• Atmospheric detail

I collaborate closely with a technical 3D modeler who is not an artist, so to achieve great results, we work back and forth with concept art from various angles and lots of review sessions. For several of the models I provide the concept art and also use a combination of Photoshop to digitally paint and Substance Designer to procedurally generate final textures.

Working with a developer to create the atmosphere and environment also requires a lot of iterative review to get subtle things like lighting, proportion and life size ratio, and texture looking realistic.  

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