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Web3 Notifications

Head of design • 2022 - present

Notifi powers unrivaled notification experiences in web3 for crypto companies and end users, driving customer engagement innovation.

I joined this crypto startup in 2022 as the head of design and a product lead. Notifi's products include: 

  • Notification Card 

  • Notifi Admin 

  • Marketing Site 

  • Notifi Hub (desktop & mobile apps)

  • Foundation Alerts (white-labeled web3 inbox)

  • Notification UX

For an overview of all Notifi products please visit the Notifi marketing website. 

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Notifi provides notifications for over 55 dapps (decentralized applications) across 28 blockchains. 

In most cases, Notifi integrates a react card, styled to the customer's dapp, so end users can subscribe to notifications in context. 

Notifi also offers a full site notification experience to reach diverse users, from consumer community members, to dapp developers, node operators, and more. Notifi’s Foundation Alerts sites are carefully styled to match the customer brand.

Foundation Alert Examples


Notification Card

Select Screens

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For the notification react card it's important that users can seamlessly onboard to Notifi. They are required to enter a minimum of one destination (email, Telegram, Discord) so they can receive external notifications. Then users can make alert selections and customizations to formally 'subscribe'. 

Once they've clicked 'Done', users can access the notification card at any time to see their notifications while in the dapp.


Notifi Brand

Currently the Notifi brand is targeted towards enterprise customers and developers. Our focus is on clearly outlining our many products and clean, easy to style notification user interface and format options.

Our Notifi Admin portal is our enterprise tool that enables customers to self integrate, or manage their notification system once we hand off the finished integration to their team.

  • Notifi Marketing is bright and clean, with subtle nods to notifications and our logo.

  • Notifi Admin is simple and onboarding friendly, to encourage both developers and marketers to leverage our full feature set. 

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Early Brand

Early in Notifi's journey we were targeting the crypto community degens more directly, and had a whimsical, playful brand. We launched an NFT to drive early adoption and engagement. Check out the Notifish NFT

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