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Prezence is a local Boston startup that contracted me to design their mindfulness and meditation app. We've been working together to shape the product into a life enhancing zen experience. The combination of daily morning and evening activities with long term habit building and goal setting provides people with both short and long term progress in their wellness journey. 

I have had the opportunity to create the brand & logo, design the app visuals and experience, and am excited that it's now live on the App Store.

app store.png
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For the brand I was inspired by current health and athletic clothing companies that my client enjoys like Outdoor Voices, lululemon, and Headspace. I wanted to explore something colorful and bright,  but still relaxing and calming. A common yoga and wellness symbol is the lotus flower, which inspired the shape of the unfurling waves that wrap around the sunny circle of the logo scene.    

The brand was first applied to the app during on-boarding, and illustrations with organic shapes and peaceful gradients worked naturally. I tried to work in some activities for this section that can customize the content later surfaced to users: depending on their focus, they see content that can help them achieve specific goals. Notifications will be timed based on the start and end of the user's day. 

new character set .jpg

Although I typically try to keep on-boarding on the shorter side, I wanted to get in the right frame of mind for this product and keep the concept of mindfulness at the forefront of my decision making. If we ask users to take a little extra time and be thoughtful about why they are using this product, and how they want it to impact their life, that should be a step in the right direction to leading a more mindful life.

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