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The Fastaff App empowers travel nurses to search for short term job positions, manage their own work schedule, and keep their nursing documents up to date. There is a job search feature, a document upload and organization tool, and a profile management section. The user can see a customized list of new job postings, and job skill/license requirements. Useful notifications alert the user to expiring documents and licenses. 

Design for this project took a total of three months, from IA and wire framing through to final comps and prototypes. I worked closely with developers and a product manager to create the final app for Android and iOS. We collaborated with the client to understand their workforce and the mindset of the travel nurses. Aside from brand colors, I had free reign on design and style decisions.​ 


Onboarding was one of the first features to be completely comped out with visual style. When talking to the client, they described their nurses as a super workforce; Fastaff travel nurses take pride in their profession and are extremely competent and quick to adapt. I wanted the custom illustrations to reflect these characteristics with an inviting and clean style, conveying both the professionalism and care that the nurses provide. Each illustration has a foreground focus and a background to provide more context around their work day and environment. The Welcome illustration shows a nurse caring for a patient, with a fresh, airy hospital background.


For the Fastaff Home Dashboard (below) there is a personalized welcome card prompting the user to complete their profile. Full completion of the profile feature is necessary for the nurses to get hired, so by gamifying the process I hoped to make it motivating and engaging. The subtle reminder on the home screen serves as both a prompt, and an inviting 'welcome back' greeting. There is also an active assignments card, so that upon launching the app the user can immediately see where they're working and how long is left for that job. It would be great for a future version to have prompts like 'Your active assignment is ending in a week, here are similar job openings'- similar to the Jobs For Me cards that are being featured further down, but with more customized timing. The profile screen (above) shows the overall completion progress, and the various sections within that need to be finished.

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