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Samantha Broccoli is a UX/UI designer and illustrator, and co-founder of Green Bee Creative. Currently head of design at Notifi.

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The Circle Account helps businesses send and receive dollar digital currency on-chain, and offers superior returns on USDC.

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Inhabit is built to turn all residents into instant local insiders. The app quickly connects residents with local businesses, city leaders and organizations in a way that makes it easy to explore neighborhoods and build community.


Dewey is an iOS app for book discovery and community. The virtual book club and AR cover scan features make this an innovative and fun app for finding new reads with friends.


Prezence is a local Boston startup focusing on mindfulness and meditation. App now live!


The Bose SoloPlay app is a tool for guitar players to perfect their skills and learn song covers. 

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King's Call is a fantasy strategy game for mobile that is now live. After two years of hard work, we published our third game as Green Bee Creative, with tons of great features, 3D live battles, and a fun low poly style. Created with a developer and 3D modeler.

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BitRip is the world's first smart tape targeting teamwork and inventory tracking for construction sites. ​It's a hyper-efficient way to tie information to any physical location.

Quell TENS devices are used to help people manage chronic pain. Their app promotes habit building through consistent use tracking, scheduled daily Quell sessions, and overall user progress.

Podium is an app for creating competitions, assembling teams and players, and keeping score. 


Giner is an app for a connected device that measures blood alcohol content. The purpose of the app is to provide education and safety to users.

In the spring of 2017, Raizlabs rebranded their website. I was tasked with creating custom illustrations that capture the company culture. 

Solving problems for user experience and interface design in virtual reality is fascinating. I've done procedural texturing, concept art for 3D modeling, generated landscapes and mapped out terrains using Unity, and done user testing to learn about how people interact in a virtual space. 

Many client projects cannot be shown openly. For more in depth case studies please reach out.

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